A high speed commercial colour label printer.

A high speed commercial colour label printer

The VP700 is a high speed commercial colour label printer. It is powered by Memjet Advanced Ultra Fast Color Inkjet Technology. This makes it one of the fastest industrial colour label printers on the market.

The VP700 features

  • Fast print speed up to 12 inches per second. This means that more than 2,000 4″ x 3″ labels can be printed within 10 minutes.
  • Print one to 10,000 labels anytime on-demand. This means the VP700 offers unprecedented flexibility to handle any print job, big or small.
  • High resolution printing of up to 1,600 x 1,600 dpi. This is great for crisp text and fine barcodes.
  • Rugged design with metal enclosure to keep dust in and out of printer. The perfect solution for factory settings.
  • Individual 250 ml ink tanks to reduce replacement cost.
  • Large label capability. The VP700 Prints up to 8.5″ wide labels. Perfect to print anything from beverage labels to carton box labels.

Where to use the VP700?

The VP700 is suitable for many label applications and production including:

  • Dynamic or seasonal printing
  • Variable data printing such as date codes, QR codes and fine barcodes
  • The printing of 1D and 2D barcodes. The VP700 surpasses the highest resolution thermal printers
  • The printing of multi variants or languages of the label for different regions and countries
  • A demanding environment such as food production and factory floors
  • With the VP700, you no longer have to worry about minimum order quantities or lead times. You have the flexibility to print the exact quantity of labels (as needed) with no wastage.

The VP700 is one of the best commercial colour label printers that can scale up with your production needs and is perfect as a food label printer.


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