Top quality coloured labels printed at high speeds

Top quality coloured labels printed at high speeds
The Epson ColorWorks C7500 is a high-end printer demonstrating the fastest of printing speeds. Suitable for automation, a jumbo roll unwinder/rewinder can be added.

As well as boasting a fast printing speed, the ability to print in very high resolution and automate unwinding/rewinding is key benefit of the C7500.

Where can the Epson Colorworks C7500 be used?
The print speed, quality and flexibility of this colour inkjet label printer makes it suitable for a wide variety of industries, including in retail, food labelling, beverages plus more. Inkjet printers are also used in in ticketing applications such as the printing of visitor badges.

The Epson C7500 is also the perfect printer for the labelling of industrial goods.

Advantages of the Epson Colorworks C6000
Much like all Epson inkjet printers that we offer, the following advantages also apply to the C6000:

  • Fast-drying print
  • High-resolution print
  • Fast printing
  • Single cartridges
  • Print on demand
  • Resistance to sunlight, moisture and chemicals
  • Material choice including matt, gloss, PE & PP materials

Datasheet Epson C7500 Series (PDF, 1.6MB)


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