Luxury Carrier Bags for Exhibitions

Why Choose Elite Marking for Your Exhibition?

Exhibitions are a great way for businesses and brands to engage with their customers and spread the word about their services or products to potentially thousands of exhibition attendees who walk past their stand. Investing in bespoke luxury carrier bags for exhibitions is the perfect way to package the gear you're handing out to customers, be it brochures, free gifts or other merchandise. At Elite Marking, we offer an almost unlimited choice of bag shape, design and form, glossy or matt finished. The bespoke nature of these custom carriers can be further enhanced by SpecialFX including alternative varnishes, (such as spot UV), hot foil and embossing. - We can even add LED lights, jewels, glitter, ribbons.

We're Offer a Great Range

You name it, we can supply it. From rope handled carrier bags, to die cut carrier bags, to special effects bags and everything in between. Stuck for an idea? - Call us and put us to work.


We Can Delivery Bags Urgently

Have you got an event coming up and need carrier bags urgently? Then you have come to the right people. Get your bags in 10 days or less with our Express Service.


We Offer Great Value

No only can we supply all manner of carrier bags, a quick turnaround and great quality, but we offer terrific value too. Contact us today for a quote and we promise you won't be disappointed.

Elite Marking Products for Exhibitions

Luxury Rope Handle Carrier Bags
These high impact carrier bags are bespoke and hand made to ensure finest possible quality and custom design and can be commercially used for fashion shops, jewellery stores, boutiques, car showrooms, trade shows and various...
Die Cut Handle Bags
Bags with a die cut handle are an alternative to our bags with a rope or ribbon handle. The quality, finish and materials used are the same as on our rope or ribbon handle bags but at a cost saving and with a choice of die cut...
Polythene Carrier Bags
We offer a range of polythene options, including degradable, bio-degradable, as well as recycled and renewable polythene options. If you are considering polythene carrier bags, we are always happy to offer our advice and expertise....